We are inviting you all to the 12th annual THIMUN-affiliated Model United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (MUNESCO), hosted by one of the most privileged schools in Ankara, Bilkent Laboratory and International School, right in the heart of Turkey. Since MUNESCO is the only conference that is modeled on UNESCO, it is a unique yet highly demanding event. To give students a taste of UNESCO and a sense of United Nations, the organizing team of MUNESCO is working hard and passionately to put together a 5-day symposium for you, a place where we hope to see you debate on resolutions, make new connections, create unforgettable memories, and raise your voice. We would be honored if you would join us.


Director General
  Nilhan Nur Kışlalı

President of General Assembly
  Christopher Fleihan

President of Special Focus
  Emir Eskicioğlu

President of Executive Board
  Deniz Atilla




Delegation fee: 310 TL
Online registrations for individual delegates have ended.
However, you can still apply by emailing us your application and sending the fee to the bank account info at the top of this page.

Chair fee: 350 TL
Deadline: OVER

Security: 95 TL

Press: 115 TL
Deadline: OVER

Advisors: 300 TL


You can email us at [email protected]