Opening And Closing Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place between 18.30-20.00 Saturday, March 14th, followed by an opening dinner. All ambassadors must deliver a brief opening speech related to the issues on the agenda and the theme of the conference. The closing ceremony will take place between 16.30-17.30 Tuesday, March 17th. All participants are required to participate to both of the ceremonies in order to receive a certificate. In a special circumstance where one can not participate, a member from the organizing team must be contacted.

Phones and Other Electronic Equipments

Any use of electronic devices is prohibited during debates and all phones must be switched off during the committee sessions. Delegates are encouraged to bring laptops for lobbying. Electronic devices can only be used after getting permission from the student officers of the committee.

Lunch and Snacks

The lunch and snacks of all members of the conference will be catered, provided and sponsored by BILINTUR. Extra snack options will be available during certain lunches.


All participants should wear badges at all times throughout the duration of the conference. Without badges, members will not be able to enter the committees, receive lunch or enter the events.

Replacement fee for a badge is 30 TL. Replacements can be made at the registration desk which will be located at the rotunda.

Flags and Placards

All placards are complementary for you from MUNESCO. All flags are the property of MUNESCO. Ambassadors with missing and damaged flags will be charged 50 TL and all ambassadors are required to return their flags before the closing ceremony.  


It is being expected that all participants are on time to the committee sessions and other designated events. Delegates are required to be in committees during the allocated committee session times. Delegates can not wander around the corridors. If a delegate misses more than 1 (one) committee session he/she will not receive a certificate.

Note Passing

The Administrative Staff will screen notes. The Student Officers may take disciplinary action for improper notes including notes which are written in Turkish. Note passing between commissions is only allowed for ambassadors. Note passing is strictly forbidden during voting procedures.

Student Officers’ Meetings

Student Officers’ meetings will take place at the start and at the end of each day of the conference. The attendance to these meetings are mandatory for all student officers.

Ambassadors’ Meeting

The ambassador’s meetings will take place on March 14th between 17.30-18.00, prior to the opening ceremony. This meeting is mandatory for all ambassadors. The secretariat will go over the general structure of the conference and will outline the duties of an ambassador during the committee sessions as well as the plenary sessions.

Advisors’ Meeting and Lounge

Advisors’ lounge will be located at the library. The delegates will not be allowed in the advisors’ lounge and only members from the organizing team will enter in the lounge at the designated times of the meetings. Advisors are highly encouraged to attend these meetings which will be held at the start of each day. These are the times where the organizing team will listen to their feedback and will make further announcements about the day.

Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff ensures the flow of the conference. They control the flow of delegates and MUN advisors in and out and help the chair maintain the control during sessions. Their duties also include note passing and vote counting. Administrative staff is students who are middle schoolers at BLIS and they must be respected at all times.


The Security is the executive authority for the control of movement throughout the conference. They are responsible for the safety and all movement in and out of forums.

Approval Panel

The Approval Panel consists of Academic Advisors and Approval Panel Members who are responsible for checking the format, grammar, and content of resolutions. The approval panel will be open at the beginning of each day and will close at the end of each day. The approval panel is located in the computer lab on the third floor. In order to get a resolution approved, with permission from the chairs the main submitter must submit his/her resolution to the approval panel.


Any sort of plagiarism will not be tolerated at the conference. The approval panel will check each and every clause of the resolutions submitted to ensure that the works are original. If needed the text will be checked and scanned by an online plagiarism checker. If a delegate plagiarizes in any part of a resolution, the approval panel members may ask the delegate to change the plagiarized parts or may choose to disapprove the resolution as a whole. The advisors will be informed in a case of major plagiarism done by the delegate.


At the end of each day of the conference, a newspaper will be delivered to each participant by the press members. These newspapers will be prepared by the press team including educational and entertaining content about the conference.

Dress Code

Every participant must follow the formal dress code of MUN conferences and retain from wearing denim clothes, sports shoes, national costumes, military attires, and any other casual clothing.

Lost Items

At the end of each day, administrative staff members will collect all the left items in the committee rooms and place them in the lost and found box, located at the registration desk. Please keep in mind that MUNESCO is not responsible for any lost item throughout the duration of the conference.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Any consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at MUNESCO. Please be informed that the BLIS campus is a non-smoking area.