Because our delegates are here despite the pandemic conditions we wanted to know, what MUNESCO is for them and what significance it carries. They also gave us some opinions about how the conference we have organized is going for them. Here are some answers from the delegates for this years conference:

  • MUN is a union that makes me understand the world for a better future”
  • I would say MUN is a form of self improvement for me. Especially here at MUNESCO I feel like I can improve myself while having fun debates with other delegates. We have a very nice environment here in our committee.
  • MUNESCO is my 7th conference and so far, the communication between delegates is awesome and efficient. I really think that chair’s proximity is also very nice. 
  • It is the second MUN I have attended so far and it’s more systematic and planned than the other one, so  it is going well.
  • I think MUN is a great opportunity for developing your English and I am aware of many political problems in general thanks to this club so I am very happy that I am in MUNESCO.
  • It is my first conference, and so far I am having a lot of fun. It is great to brainstorm together and come up with new ideas.
  • MUN is finding solutions to problems.
  • MUN gives me different perspectives to nowadays problems. This conference is planned much more systematically than the others.

GOSSIP WRITING TIPS: Gossip writing is a vital part of our conferences, as it helps the delegates have fun and provides some entertainment. Therefore, we thought we could supply some tips on writing gossips

  1. Firstly, even if you are anonymous don’t write anything you think could be hurtful to someone. 
  2. That being said do comment your observations as they can make interesting reads
  3. If you are writing a joke avoid clichés, be creative this is what makes it memorable
  4. Be nice and compliment your fellow delegates and chairs via the gossip box


Yaren Özdemir – SF1 President Chair 

  • Which committee are you chairing for? What is your general idea about the topics discussed in this committee?

I am the President of Special Focus 1. Overall I believe that the topics provided by the Academic and Organization Team really include crucial points and they should definitely be debated upon. My motto for all of the projects that I’m involved with is ” Foster Development – Shatter Barriers.” These agenda items definitely follow this mindset since we visualize current complications, we will build multiple points of view considering each countries’ policy and develop solutions in the applicable and relevant aspect.

  • How do you plan to steer your committee to contribute to the outcome of this conference?

I anticipate all of the members of my committee to be more aware of the world around them, care for what’s happening in their arousals, and try to be more constructive to all possible problems they might face in the future. I have made it a priority to teach each member to have an ability to respect confidences, be a good strategist, speak clearly and succinctly, show interest in member’s viewpoints while respecting every opinion being introduced. The essential quality of a chair board member is the ability to influence others without dominating them. Throughout my MUN career, all of my chairs have followed this policy and prioritized it while they’re ruling the committee. Just like a tradition I have felt deduced to the necessity and acted responsibly following this MUN policy. One of the exceptional MUN secrets is effective communication with all stakeholders. These criteria are the way I’ll steer my committee to contribute to the outcome of this conference.

  • Why did you want to attend as a chair?

Having attended 17 conferences and most of them being online, I would consider my chairing experiences demanding with a vision that is provided by my observations in disparate forms. MUNESCO’19 has always been my inspiration throughout the entirety of my MUN career since it was the first conference I have discovered my passion for MUN owing to the exceptional committee board members. Since then I have the utmost aspiration to provide all members of the committee the finest experience exclusively in the academic field. I am usually acknowledged as an outgoing person which will provide them a warm and welcoming environment. As a THIMUN- enthusiast, it is eternally a pleasing experience for me to chair a well-prepared THIMUN committee and guide all of the participants’ the way through the formal documents as well as the preparation for speeches.

  • What do you think the impact of MUNESCO is for participants?

As a THIMUN- enthusiast, it is eternally a pleasing experience for me to chair a well-prepared THIMUN committee and guide all of the participants’ way through the formal documents as well as the preparation for speeches. It should also be an astonishing experience especially for the first-timers since MUNESCO is always organized well and the Academic and Organization Team are exceptional.

  • What are your views on the conference being online?

It definitely requires extra demand since it’s not something most people are used to. Building different points of view in front of the screen may seem troublesome but as soon as you get used to the fact and accept the situation there’s a lot to gain from this experience.


Nil BaranHead of Design and Supplies

  • What is your position in the Organizing Team for this year’s conference? 

I am one of the heads of design and supplies along İlkim.

  •  Why did you want to work in this position?

I wanted to work in this position because I had so much interest in art and design. I liked to draw and sketch things. I was interested in doing a job about something I like to do as a hobby.

  • What are some challenges you have had to face during this process as the conference is now held over zoom?

Since it was through zoom, there weren’t as many supplies as it was needed in previous face-to-face conferences and we actually didn’t have much supplies to do. However, communicating as a team online was harder than it is when face-to-face.

  • What would you say is the best thing about working in the organizing team?

It is very fun and you learn so much about being a team: teamwork.

  • How do you think you have benefited from your previous experience in the MUNESCO conferences?

I was the head of design and supplies in JMUNESCO so I knew the responsibilities it required. Also from previous MUNESCO conferences I had the experience of what the conference is actually about and its significance.

  • Do you have any advice for participants who would like to work in this position in the future?

If you like design I think it would be really fun for you.

İlkim GençosmanoğluHead of Design and Supplies

  • What is your position in the Organizing Team for this year’s conference? 

I am the head of design and supplies.

  •  Why did you want to work in this position?

I chose this position since I like designing things and organization.

  • What are some challenges you have had to face during this process as the conference is now held over zoom?

Our department has always been through technology so there were not that many changes in terms of design and supplies. However, there have been some last minute changes and edits that we had to do because of the conference being online and uncertainty which was really challenging.

  • What would you say is the best thing about working in the organizing team?

The best thing about working in the organizing team is the unity and the process of making something happen from scratch which brings us happiness.

  • What would you like to achieve throughout this conference? 

I would like to achieve raising awareness for certain topics and understanding them better. As a part of the organizing team, I would like for the conference to go as smoothly as possible, without any complications and for everyone to enjoy the conference as much as we enjoyed helping the organization.

  • How do you think you have benefited from your previous experience in the MUNESCO conferences?

From my previous experiences I learned what to do and what not to do. I knew the basics and the things to improve or avoid which I observed from my previous conferences.

  • Do you have any advice for participants who would like to work in this position in the future?

The head of design and supplies is a wonderful position especially if you like designing things and organization. It does take a lot of time and a lot editing but the end result is worth it.


       As this year’s President of the General Assembly, has attended many face to face and many online conferences we have asked her to give some tips and opinions about this year’s MUNESCO being held over zoom. 

  1. What are your opinions on face to face conferences and online conferences, what are differences, similarities, challenges and benefits? 

Answer: Personally, I really like face to face conferences as they are great in terms of being able to communicate with the participants swiftly, and in terms of running from committee to committee and checking if the sessions are running smoothly. I also believe that being in a room of 500-600 delegates is very fun, and therefore love the involvement of everyone. Meeting amazing new people during face to face conferences is also applicable to online conferences. After participating in countless conferences, and many online conferences, I have seen immaculate similarities between the online conferences and face to face conferences. Especially after participating in conferences such as THIMUN, MUNDP and now MUNESCO, I have seen how enthusiastic and eager the delegates are to debate upon current global issues, which makes me so happy! The whole process of writing a resolution in an online conference and being able to socialize through an online platform is very interesting, but also efficient! Despite having faced certain challenges such as technical difficulties, these are all solvable issues, which strengthen our cooperation as a team. In conclusion, both conferences are special in their own way! 

  1. What have your experiences been with both and which would you prefer?

Answer: I have had very diverse yet similar experiences regarding both virtual and face to face conferences. As I mentioned in the previous question, I would prefer chairing at face to face conferences due to many factors: one of them being that I really like visiting new places and traveling the world as I go to places such as The Netherlands and Greece, which make me more knowledgeable on different cultures. I also believe that face to face chairing is extremely fun in terms of the sessions, going out to coffee breaks, speaking to the committee, having unexpected crises, and most importantly, speaking in front of many people, which helps engage the delegates with the debate sessions. Despite these reasons, I actually love online conferences as well. I personally really like the participation of people from all around the world, as usually during face to face conferences traveling might be a bit more limited. I also believe that both in face to face and online conferences, one can meet many amazing people, as well as some of their closest friends. In terms of the debate, I believe that face to face conferences are extremely beneficial in terms of articulating your thoughts into your speech, however, this is also visible in online conferences, and therefore I would say that I appreciate both conferences immensely!

3. Under the pandemic circumstances do you think these conferences are beneficial?

Answer: Absolutely. I believe that as we are on the verge of facing the COVID-19 crisis globally, and despite not being able to host face to face conferences or attend face to face conferences, online conferences have provided a door for us that has led us to cooperate and collaborate on a virtual basis. Online conferences have gathered us, as the youth, to collaborate efficiently in order to furnish possible solutions to combat extremely crucial global issues such as sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, war, child labour and climate change. Online MUN conferences have provided a pathway for us to express our opinions in the most diplomatic way, and have been extremely beneficial in terms of bringing together all passionate members such as myself, to Chair in these prestigious conferences, further providing a common ground for all of us to debate on these global issues. As we are facing tough times during the pandemic, THIMUN affiliated MUN conferences have been extremely beneficial and amazing!

  1. What do you think about the level of engagement in online conferences?

Answer: I believe that the level of engagement is a bit less, compared to that of a face to face conference. This might be caused by multiple factors, one of which is giving a speech through the screen. Despite this, many conferences, such as MUNESCO, have had high levels of engagement as there are many enthusiastic delegates, and enthusiastic chairs who are eager to cooperate effectively with the delegates of each committee. Most THIMUN affiliated conferences have shown high levels of engagement due to the intriguing and interesting issues, the highly enthusiastic Secretariat and Student Officer team, and the delegates who are keen on learning more about international relations, and using their voice to raise awareness on these aforementioned issues. 

  1. What would you advise chairs who are participating in an online conference for the first time?

I would recommend them to be calm throughout the conference. As online conferences may have slight issues such as technical difficulties, staying calm and being a great problem solver are two important features that you should bear in mind, if attending as a Chair to a conference. Furthermore, leadership is really important. A good leader would be responsible for constantly checking in on their delegates, knowing the THIMUN procedure by heart, and letting all delegates engage with the debate sessions. Moreover, as online conferences may be a bit tiring in terms of looking at a screen for hours, drinking a cup of coffee and some water would be advised! In order to be an outstanding chair, it is also important to motivate your delegates and to manage your time efficiently. If certain crises arise, it is vital to contact the Secretariat in terms of fixing the issue as soon as possible. Overall, chairing at online conferences is beyond fun, and I would like to say good luck to everyone who will be chairing at a Virtual MUN conference! 

  1. What would you advise delegates who are participating in an online conference for the first time?

I would advise them not to be afraid of speaking in front of many people. As much as it may seem stressful at first, it’s important to bear in mind that no one’s here to judge one another, but rather to listen effectively, and work on combating global issues through long-term, sustainable solutions. As a first timer delegate, it would be great if you could research your country first, and then your country’s stance on the issues which will be debated upon in your committee. Furthermore, some technical difficulties may result in your absence in some sessions or tardiness in some sessions. That’s alright, and the chairs are very lenient on this, therefore, there is no need to worry! It’s important to remember that you are the youth representing delegations in extremely vital conferences such as MUNESCO, and therefore never be afraid to speak up! Good luck to everyone 🙂

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