Model United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (MUNESCO) is a conference with the aim of creating awareness about global issues, while educating high-school students about  international relations and diplomacy. This allows for the improvement of skills such as debating, writing, teamwork and speaking. If this is your first MUN conference, please take the time to read the following:

Once you have chosen your committee, make sure to conduct research on all the issues given so that you can contribute more effectively in the discussions. However, prioritizing one topic may make it easier for you to deliver speeches and contribute to the resolution written about it. While doing your research make sure to use reliable sources, like the ones listed below. Make sure to read the chair reports that are uploaded on this website to get a broad sense of understanding on the topics. However, make sure to delve deeper into the topic and get a better grasp of it. Also, exploring your countries policies about the issues is crucial since you will be delivering speeches according to your country’s perspective, not your own.

When you have done all your research you may want to print it out beforehand so that it’s easier for you to use it in the conference. If you plan on being the main submitter, writing a resolution beforehand will give you more time to add details to it in the committee, causing more delegates to want to co-submit your resolution. Below are some links that may help you with writing a resolution. Also, if you are the ambassador of your country you should prepare a minute-long speech for the opening ceremony. This speech should state your country’s goals in coming to this conference, and what you wish to achieve.

Bringing a laptop to your committee will make your life much easier. This way in the committee you will be able to edit resolutions, research, and write speeches quickly. However, a notepad and a pen will be given to you at the start of the conference. However, bringing your own pens and notepads as well is highly recommended since delegates generally run out of paper or lose their pens.

In this conference, the dress code is very important. All members have to wear formal clothing to the conference since this is a black-tie event. Men must wear a jacket when they stand up. Girls should make sure that their skirts aren’t too short and can wear high heels if they want to. However, bringing formal, comfortable shoes are highly recommended since the conference lasts long hours. Casual clothing, military uniforms and traditional attire are also prohibited.
Hope you have a wonderful experience at the fifteenth annual Model United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization.

How to Write a Resolution:

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