General Commission

General Commission 1: General Question and Program Support

  • Topic 1: "The issue of over-prescription of antibiotics."
  • Topic 2: "The issue of sewage treatment and waste disposal in LEDC’s."
  • Topic 3: "Combatting the spread of HIV/AIDS with a special emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa."

General Commission 2: Education

  • Topic 1: "Promoting education as a tool to prevent violent extremism"
  • Topic 2: "Eradicating the lack of access to education for disabled persons."
  • Topic 3: "Promoting education of health and wellbeing in the Middle East."

General Commission 3: Natural Sciences

  • Topic 1:"The issue of imposing carbon emission permits."
  • Topic 2: "The issue concerning global food security with a special emphasize on the recent European egg crisis."
  • Topic 3: "Strategies to assess and counteract coral bleaching."

General Commission 4: Culture

  • Topic 1: "The issue of ethnic cleansing with a special emphasis on the Rohingya people of Myanmar."
  • Topic 2:"Taking measures to prevent the illicit trafficking of cultural artifacts."
  • Topic 3:"Promoting cultural assets and industries in small island developing states."

General Commission 5: Communication & Information

  • Topic 1:"Reforming cyber security policies with a special emphasize on open source viruses such as stuxnet."
  • Topic 2:"Promoting the expression of linguistic diversity and cultural diversity in the media and the world information networks."
  • Topic 3:"Promoting open access to scientific information and educational resources in the world information networks."