Agenda Items

GC 1- General Question and Program Support
  • The issue of over-prescription of antibiotics
  • The issue of sewage treatment and waste disposal in LEDC’s
  • Combatting the spread of HIV/AIDS with a special emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa
GC 2- Education
  • Promoting education as a tool to prevent violent extremism
  • Eradicating the lack of access to education for disabled persons
  • Promoting education of health and wellbeing in the Middle East
GC 3- Natural Sciences
  • The issue of imposing carbon emission permits  
  • The issue concerning global food security with a special emphasize on the recent European egg crisis
  • Strategies to assess and counteract coral bleaching
GC 4- Culture
  • The issue of ethnic cleansing with a special emphasis on the Rohingya people of Myanmar
  • Taking measures to prevent the illicit trafficking of cultural artifacts.
  • Promoting cultural assets and industries in small island developing states
GC 5- Communication & Information
  • Reforming cyber security policies with a special emphasize on open source viruses such as stuxnet.
  • Promoting the expression of linguistic diversity and cultural diversity in the media and the world information networks
  • Promoting open access to scientific information and educational resources in the world information networks.
SF 1- Social and Human Sciences
  • Ensuring universal access to information.
  • Establishing measures for the wellbeing of orphans and abandoned children in zones of conflict.
  • Strengthening participatory decision making and governance with a special emphasis on South America.
SF 2- Sustainable Development
  • Building eco-friendly and inclusive cities that are resilient to the effects of climate change, disasters and conflicts.
  • Promoting international scientific research and cooperation for better understanding and reducing risks of natural disasters with a special emphasis on ocean-related disasters.
  • Eradicating extreme poverty with a special emphasis on Sub Saharan Africa.
EB 1- External Relations
  • The question of the Israeli West Bank Wall.
  • The question of the South China Sea ruling.
EB 2- Finance
  • The universal regulation of inequitable prices of pharmaceutical products
  • The establishment of scalability. security and stability of cryptocurrencies with an emphasis on Bitcoin.
International Court of Justice (ICJ)
  • To be determined
Historical Committee
  • American Civil War