GC1: General Question and Program Support

The issue of extreme population growth with an emphasis on India

The issue of over consumption with special emphasis on UAE

The question of the extremities of nuclear testing 

GC2: Education:

The lack of government funding for education with an emphasis on Somalia and Ethiopia

The impact large amounts of migrants have on the education system, with a special focus on Jordan

The issue of gender disparities and the unequal levels of education amongst genders

GC3: Natural Sciences:

The issue of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

The safeguarding of major rainforests from human damage

Measures to improve water sanitation and hygiene with a special focus on Iraq

GC4: Culture:

The issue of the loss of cultural identity ( religious customs, cultural norms etc) due to immigration.

The issue of xenophobia in culture with a special emphasis on the West. 

The protection of cultural heritage sites during conflicts with a special emphasis on Syria.

GC5: Communication and Information:

The issue of breach of privacy caused by social media and information leaks.

The issue of abuse of cyber power with a special emphasis on the US and Russia.

The contribution of facial recognition technology to digital trust and hypothetical consequences.

SF1: Social and Human Sciences:

The issue of child soldiers in war, with a special focus on the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

The protection of women and women rights, eliminating the issue of inequality and discrimination towards women with a special focus on UAE (United Arab Emirates) 

The issue of neo-colonialism with a special emphasis on Africa.

SF2: Sustainable Development:

Resolving the issue of carbon emissions from the combustion of coal, natural gases, oil and other fuels, including waste and non-renewable municipal waste with a  special emphasis on China. 

Providing safe removal and management of solid waste within cities with a special focus on India. 

The issue of lack of clean and efficient energy with a special focus on  LDCs. 

EB1: External Relations:

The issue of combating terrorism, countering extremists and protecting terror victims with a special emphasis on Boko Haram.

The issue of the sea route into Central America through Panama becoming a major transit hub for Colombia‚Äôs illicit weapons imports. 

The issue of the ongoing trade war between the US and China with a special emphasis on the Panama Canal.

EB2: Finance:

The prevention of future exploitation of natural resources of the Arctic for economic gain. 

The problem of a no-deal Brexit and its economic effects on the EU and UK.

The deterioration of non-renewable energy sources and the effect this has on energy prices, such as an oil-price spike.

ICJ Committee:

Nicaragua vs. The United States (public international law case decided by the ICJ)

Historical Committee:

The 7 years war