How to Prepare

All delegates will have an assigned country to represent and a committee with specific issues to discuss for the conference. In order to actively participate to the debate and the resolution writing process, the delegates must be well prepared. Being competent on their country and their issues is essential so that they can cooperate with other delegates to come up with solution proposals.


The delegates can start their research prior to the conference by understanding what UNESCO is. This will help them have a better idea of what will happen in the simulated organization. Delegates need to understand their role as the delegate of the country they are to represent.  


Delegates must have a general background on the country prior to the conference since they are to represent it. Delegates may search for the geopolitical placing, foreign policy, history, economy, natural resources, membership to alliances and organizations, culture, political structure etc. of the country they are to represent. They should also research the current world situation of the country.


Every committee in MUNESCO will have a different set of issues to discuss. The delegates should be familiar with these issues so that they could debate and discuss them during the conference. There are many ways to research their issues such as watching international news programs. The next step is to research about the country’s view on the issue to be discussed. During the conference, the delegates are to act according to the interests of the country they are representing. Therefore, delegates should have an understanding of the country’s point of view. This is the most important step of the research. Later, the delegates should research for possible solutions for the issues they are to discuss. This will ensure that the delegate can take active role in the resolution writing process.


Delegates can use any resources to conduct their research. Websites, watching the news, reading books related the issue and reading the chair reports found on the MUNESCO website can be great ways to prepare for the conference. Here is a list of links delegates may use while they are preparing for the conference: