Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS) was founded in March, 1993 as the Bilkent University Preparatory School and was referred to as BUPS. “BUPS was created to promote academic, aesthetic, physical and social growth. It recognized the individual abilities, interests and talents of each child. Students were encouraged to question ideas and search for knowledge. BUPS fostered critical and independent thinking and creativity. Students were prepared for success in leading universities throughout the world.” (

In september 1999 Bilkent International School (BIS) was formed in order to serve the educational needs of the international community.“In its 18 years of operation, BUPS and BIS became an IB World School authorized to offer the PYP and Diploma Program, the IGCSEs, accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England (USA) Association of School and Colleges, a member of the European Council of International Schools, the International Schools Theatre Association, the International Schools Sports Association, the Association for Music in International Schools, a THIMUN affiliate, and a recognized center for the SAT.” ( In 2009 BUPS/BIS became a single laboratory school and changed was now called BLIS. Ever since it was formed back in 1993 BLIS has always been a part of the Bilkent family and a part of İhsan Doğramacı Foundation. 

Located in the hills of the east campus right above the city of Ankara, BLIS is a school that cares deeply about its students safety. After the tragic terror attacks that took place in Turkey and especially in Ankara BLIS and the Bilkent University strengthened their security staff and the security searches in and out of the campus. All of the entrances to the school and the Bilkent campus have security staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Cars that do not have the school sticker or the Bilkent University sticker are not allowed into the Bilkent campus and the school premises. There are also two security checks at the high school entrance of the school. The first security check is in order to enter the Bilkent campus while the second one is to enter the school. All of the buses that  enter the Bilkent campus are searched to make sure that only Bilkent staff and students go into the campus. The school has 2 main entrances that are open at all times and 1 entrance that is only open during certain hours. The school can also be entered from any of the Bilkent Campus entrances which also have a strict security search and security guards. 

BLIS provides a variety of different activities for its students to engage in. One of the main and perhaps the most popular activity at BLIS is the MUN club. In 2003 MUNESCO was held at BLIS for the first time and ever since then the MUNESCO conference has been a part of the BLIS family. MUNESCO different from other conferences is a model of UNESCO. MUNESCO is a very prestigious THIMUN affiliated conference that is listed among the best conferences in Turkey. Each year MUNESCO hosts more than 500 participants. 

As the organizing team of MUNESCO 2019 we all hope that you have a wonderful time here at BLIS and in Ankara during the 15th annual MUNESCO conference.