Welcome Letter

Dear participants,

On behalf of the organizing team and advisors, it is my utmost pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the 13th annual session of Model United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization(MUNESCO), hosted by Bilkent Laboratory and International School in Ankara, Turkey. This year’s conference will take place between March 3rd and March 6th, in the heart of Turkey, Ankara.

Being an affiliate of The Hague International Model United Nations Program, MUNESCO is listed amongst the most prestigious conferences in Turkey and around the world. This year the organizing team is preparing to host more than 500 participants all around Turkey and the world, with the enthusiasm to welcome a greater international and diverse ensemble.

Since 2003, MUNESCO continues to set high standards of excellence as it is the one only conference in the world that is modeled after UNESCO,  and continues to nurture the love of learning, debating, and universal understanding.This conference is an influential step in introducing the colorful world of politics and diplomacy to the adults of tomorrow, by enabling them to put themselves in the shoes of a diplomat: a regular delegate in the General Assembly, a judge or an advocate in the International Court of Justice, an ambassador or even a chair of a committee in the UNESCO conference. The primary purpose of our conference is to stimulate the processes of debating, lobbying, and producing beneficial resolutions as it is done in the UN. With all of that said MUNESCO is a unique, highly demanding and definitely a rewarding experience.

As the world is developing and changing day by day humans tend to face many challenges against humanity. Twenty first century is often associated with fear, cruelty, harshness and dreadfulness. Political instabilities are the main reason behind events that generate mass mortalities.  This year’s theme Recover Humanity From Calamity“  focuses on all the devastating events that are currently causing the suffering of human values. This theme is aligned with UNESCO as UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations which encourages the universal respect to humanity and international peace.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has expressed that UN’s goal is a world where every woman, man and child in need can receive assistance and protection from the impacts of disaster, conflict, displacement, hunger or disease.This world is now within our grasp. Together we can make this vision a reality.

With all said, join us to live the most exciting, educating, and entertaining MUN experience of your life! Apply today and take your part in ¨Recovering Humanity from Calamity¨ .

Director General of MUNESCO 2017,

Kayra Aker