15th Annual Session of Model United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization

15-18 March 2019

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On behalf of the organizing team and advisors, it is my utmost honor and pleasure  to welcome you all to the fifteenth annual session of the Model United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, hosted by Bilkent Laboratory and International School in Ankara, Turkey, which will be held between March 15th to March 18th 2019.

Being an affiliate of The Hague International Model United Nations Program, MUNESCO is amongst the most established and prestigious  conferences in Turkey and around the world. As the organizing team of MUNESCO, we have been proudly hosting over 500 participants both from Turkey and around the world since 2003.

For the past fifteen years MUNESCO has been the only conference in the world that models UNESCO, and continues to create a loving and professional environment for high school students to engage in world affairs . MUNESCO creates the opportunity for today’s youth and adults of tomorrow to tackle the current world agenda from many different viewpoints as many vital figures in  UNESCO, such as: a delegate in the general assembly, a chair, an ambassador of a country and even a member of the International Court of Justice. Moreover MUNESCO creates an opportunity to nurture love towards different cultures, and allows students to reflect up on various policies of nations. Overall MUNESCO is a rewarding experience to elaborate on the current world agenda while learning the key roles in diplomacy and the parliamentary procedure.

The world and humanity is branching out in various directions  as we face change. Change is a vital aspect of development and diversity however as the former United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has said, “ We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no plan B because the is no planet B.” This year’s theme “Bridging a World Growing Apart” focuses on the different paths nations take, and how collaboration is necessary for sustainable living. Growth occurs in different aspects. Unfortunately  in today’s world the concept of growth and civilization leads to developed nations to use our world’s resources against humanity . Bridging the nations that are growing apart will lead to unity and the usage of the world’s limited resources for the welfare of humanity and the best interest of all societies.

With all being said, join us in the 15th annual session of MUNESCO for a demanding yet entertaining experience and take your part in “Bridging a World Growing Apart.” by applying today.

Director General of MUNESCO 2019,

Kibel Aker